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A bridge of great beauty, a country blessed with abundance of natural beauty which is incredible to see and endowed with rich resources, thrilling to discover, a vast country veiled in mystery, romance and religion, Iran is cradle of culture and birthplace of empires where monarchy institution was originally founded. Nonetheless, it is a land of irresolute contrasts. From its lush, green forests and snow-capped mountains of the northern part to its barren, hot and dusty deserts of the south where you find gem-like oases, in the scorching heat, all and all is a beautiful painting executed with exquisite refinement, From its heavenly pure air and limpid blue sky to its dark brown shade of dim bazaars, Iran seems like a Kaleidoscope that changes color every time one looks into it. Nowhere else in the world such diversity is found in such abundance. Nowhere else in the world you can observe so many cultures, all alive! Of all the countries in the world, none can match the sheer range of scenery and assortment of landscape found in Iran.
Iran is where the eyes are not satisfied with seeing, nor are the ears filled with hearing, truly your mouth remains mute when silence speaks to you.

Eco Tour & Travel Agency

Akhshigan Tourism and Eco-tourism Company is one of Iran’s leading adventure travel and tour companies offering specialized expeditions and ground-breaking itineraries in Iran. Commencing its operation in 2006, we’ve always thrived to meet our ultimate mission of serving our customers professionally and providing them with unique travel opportunities to experience the vast and rich history, culture and nature of Iran. The company won the Tourism Industry Awards of Excellence in September 2008 and received the honorary plaque and golden statue of the Top Tourist Agency in Iran.
Akhshigan provides travelers with expedition opportunities that go beyond the traditional walls of a holiday and allow you to fully immerse yourself in Iran’s history, culture and nature. Our tours and expeditions are captivating and cultural, leaving our customers with a sense of discovery and achievement. As an example, Akhshigan is the first and the only investor of Iran’s national rafting program. To name a few more, jungle trekking, waterfall abseiling and jumping, mountain climbing, cave hiking, tenting and camping, wilderness skills and survival training are some of the activities that we offer to our energetic travelers. Supported by some of the Iran’s most experienced and respected adventurers and environmental and cultural heritage experts, Akhshigan benefits from a talented and comprehensive team of travel and expedition itinerary planners, tour guides, activity experts, emergency response, logistics, and support.
We are thoroughly committed to Responsible Tourism, care and respect for the environment and culture of our hosting societies. In every expedition, we thrive to promote awareness and help to preserve our nature and culture by paying attention to the social and environmental. structure of our hosts and emphasizing the learning and educational aspects of our excursions. When you travel with Akhshigan, you will have confidence knowing that a reputable adventure travel company with an expert and dedicated team is taking care of every turn in your itinerary. With Akhshigan’s years of collective experience, you can rest assured of all the professional safety and service aspects that will be provided. We proud ourselves in our long list of satisfied and delighted customers. The smile on our travel companions’ faces when we say “Be Omid-e Didar” (hope to see you again) has always been a great motivation for us.

Designing a Trip

Our Mission Statement

We are committed to promote the ancient history, influential cultural heritage and unparalleled natural ecosystem of Iran by providing memorable experience for our clients through offering exclusive ground-breaking travel itineraries, providing professional touring services, pledge to responsible and sustainable travel and always exceeding expectations.

Meaning of the word Akhshigan

In Ancient Persia, four “sacred” elements of Water, Fire, Earth and Air were called four Akhshig (element) or Akhshigan. Around two centuries before Aristotle, the Persian philosopher Zoroaster described these four elements as “sacred” and essential for the survival of all living beings and therefore should be respected. We have selected the name “Akhshigan” for ourselves to show and encourage respect and love for nature while exploring our natural and urban habitat.

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