Damavand southern flank mountaineering

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Expedition Summary Mount Damavand has its own special place in Iranian mythology and folklore. In Zoroastrian texts and mythology, the three-headed dragon Azi Dahaka was chained within Mount Damavand, there to remain until the end of the world. In a later version of the same legend, the tyrant Zahhak was also chained on some cave in mount Damavand after being defeated by Kaveh and Fereydun. Damavand is also significant to the patriotic Iranian legend of Arash and the symbol of Iranian resistance against the foreign rule in Persian poetry and literature.
Itinerary Details:

Day 1. Arrival in Tehran

Upon arrival in Tehran, you will be welcomed at the airport and transferred to your hotel. Depending on the time of your arrival, you can spend the day touring the beautiful and diverse city of Tehran, or spend the evening at a traditional restaurant for a delicious Persian cuisine. (L/D).
You’ll stay overnight at your hotel in Tehran.

Day 2. Damavand’s slop

Departure from Tehran to Polour, having breakfast in restaurant, continuing along the road to major settlement for mountain climbers in Polour village, replacing the vehicles, loading packs and necessary equipments, moving towards Goosfand Sara (it takes about 1 hour), camping near Goosfand Sara, having lunch and taking rest, hiking on the southern slope with an altitude of 3000 m, being prepared for acclimatization, having dinner and spending the night in camp. (B/L/D)
Total drive for the day: 100 km

Day 3. Camp on 4200m

Packing tents, loading equipments on pack animals and being prepared to move towards Bargah Sevom at a height of 4200 m (it takes 3.5-4 hours). Being in settlement or camp depends on the number of climbers who established in Bargah Sevom.
Having lunch, taking rest, moving to higher altitude, taking a 1-2 hours walk to be acclimatized and heading back to Bargah Sevom to have dinner and taking rest . (B/L/D)

Day 4.Climbing Day

Early in the morning after breakfast, depends on the weather forecast, we will move towards the summit, with our climbing backpacks. Along the path, we will pass the frozen waterfalls and spectacular sulfur hills. By 5-6 hours climbing, depends on the average climbing speed, we will reach the summit with an altitude of 5671m and we can see its semi-dormant volcano. We will take some pictures, head back and reach to Bargah Sevom at 18 or 19 PM. After having a good meal and taking rest, we will pass the night in Bargah Sevom settlement. (B/L/D)

Day 5 . Back to slop

After having breakfast and loading packs, we will move towards Goosfand Sara (it takes about 3 hours). We will head to Polour by car, and then continue the road to Larijan to have lunch in hotel.
The next step is using a spa and getting relaxed in hot water branched from Damavand that can be enjoyable after a memorable ascent.
Hotel accommodation in Larijan . (B/L/D)
Total drive for the day: 40 km

Day 6. Rafting Day

Going to Narenjestan and Amol , rafting in Haraz River which is about 13km long, having lunch and taking a shower, camping in Mirza Kochak Khan Natural Park, spending the night in jungle camp ( 3.5 hours of rafting) . (B/L/D)
Total drive for the day: 40 km

Day 7.Waterfall

Having breakfast, jungle trekking towards Mahan stepped waterfall, being prepared for descending from the stepped waterfall higher than 70 m, welcoming the fresh feeling of cool water ,heading back to camp, having meal, packing and continuing the road to Sari hotel (6 hours of descending) . (B/L/D)
Total drive for the day: 70 km

Day 8.Wildlife Area

Having breakfast, visiting fallow deer and Dasht Naz wildlife,having lunch and taking rest, heading to Kiasar and Parvar Protected Area through a green mountainous road, establishing in Behesht Parvar to experience the deep relaxing silence of Protected Areas. (B/L/D)
Total drive for the day: 200 km

Day 9. Cave Trekking

Having breakfast, moving towards Conservative Officer Service of Sar Tangeh and Tangkavard, visiting regional wildlife that takes 2 hours and includes a short walk, visiting specific vegetal species of provincial borders between Semnan and Mazandaran, having lunch in Shamirzad ,and then Darband cave trekking , finally heading to Darband hotel , Shahmirzad. (B/L/D)
Total drive for the day: 50 km

Day 10.Ghasr e Bahram

Having breakfast, moving towards Garmsar (2.5 hours),continuing to Kahak village, replacing the vehicles with Safaris. By passing the entrance gate of National Park , we will continue the Shahi Road , take a brief look at Silky Road and the history of the country. At midday, we will be at Ghasr Bahram caravanserai, set up camp, have lunch and take a walk to Ain Alrashid caravanserai which takes 1.5 hours. Along the path, we will get acquainted with regional wildlife and geographical structure, then we will head back to caravanserai to have meal , take rest and observe the night sky ( if the weather conditions are good) . (B/L/D)
Total drive for the day: 250 km

Day 11. Desert National Park

After breakfast, we will leave Ghasr Bahram , move towards the central area of Desert National Park and pass through the Siah Kooh to reach Sefidab mountain. Along the road, we will visit the Gheyluleh cistern and Gherghereh well. Here, we will visit specific semi-arid vegetation. By noon, we will reach to Sefidab Conservation Officer Service. After having lunch and taking a short rest, we will continue the road to Salt Lake to take a look at structures formed by salt. Gradually, the sand dunes of northern Maranjab will be appeared. We will watch the picturesque sunset, spend the night near dunes, have dinner and rest.
(4 hours of driving from Ghasr Bahram to the camp) . (B/L/D)
Total drive for the day: 130 km

Day 12. Matin Abad

After a refreshing breakfast, we will drive to the city of Neyshabur, an ancient capital of Iran during Tahirid Seljuq dynasties. Along with Merv, Herat and east and south–east, we will pass Yakhab and Latif Mountains and we can see Siahkal Mountain in the distance. By passing through high and low sandy areas, we will reach to Matin Abad and Abu Zaid Abad. We will spend the night at Abu Zaid Abad eco-camp to take a bath, have dinner and rest. (5 hours of driving) . (B/L/D)
Total drive for the day: 120 km

Day 13. Abyaneh – Kashany

After breakfast ,we will replace four-wheel drives and Safaris with touristic cars and move towards Abianeh village which characterized by a peculiar reddish hue to visit its old and historical constructions, continue to Kashan to have lunch and take a tour in the city to visit Borujerdis house , Fin garden and also Amin od-Doleh Timcheh in Bazaar . Then we will head back to the hotel to have dinner and rest. (B/L/D)
Total drive for the day: 145 km

Day 14.”Bedrood”

After breakfast and checking out, we will move towards Imam Khomeini Airport to say goodbye to our travelers and make a wish to see them once again in our country. (B)
Total drive for the day: 210 km

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